Wir suchen nach Unter­stüt­zung für einen Bedarf unse­res Kun­den im Bereich SAP QM Audit Manage­ment Consulting.

The cus­to­mer is loo­king for ongo­ing sup­port in the area of SAP Audit Management.

The con­sul­tant pro­fi­le should include:

• Deep know­ledge of SAP Audit Manage­ment imple­men­ta­ti­on projects
• Know­ledge of map­ping the pro­ces­ses “sup­plier audits” and “inter­nal audits” accord­ing to ISO TS 19011
• Inte­gra­ti­on opti­ons for per­forming mobi­le audits
• Detail­ing spe­ci­fic pre­re­qui­si­tes for using SAP Audit Manage­ment (mas­ter data, add-on, busi­ness func­tions, and so on)
• Rough effort esti­ma­ti­on for a clo­se-to-stan­dard implementation

Geplan­ter Start: asap
Lauf­zeit bis 30.06.2022
Geplan­tes Volu­men: 15 PT (120 Stunden)
Onsite in D‑333XX
Spra­chen: D/E