Für unseren Kunden suchen wir zu Anfang November 2019 einen F5 Consultant for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • Erfüllungsort: D69
  • Branche: IT
  • Projektbeginn: November 2019
  • Projektdauer: 2M
  • Verfügbarkeit: 100%


Training and demo landscapes should be offered in a Google Cloud Platform and the corresponding software architecture needs to be developed. To enter the demo and training landscapes we need to have an access solution for which we use F5 for VPN, remote desktop access and reverse proxy.

Scope of Services / Deliverables:

New deployments of F5 BigIP Virtual Editions in the Google Cloud Platform need to be configured by external consultant. We need support for configuration of LTM virtual servers, creation of APM policies, and development of iRules on the F5 BigIP in Google Cloud environment. Use cases include authentication via SAML2, via client-cert authentication, the iRule to extract the username from the SAML assertion and/or client certificate and query a REST API service to determine whether the user is authorized to access the services and which backend server the user’s request should be directed to, then forward the user request to the appropriate backend server.

Ihre Qualifikationen

  • Knowledge of F5 BigIP modules LTM/APM/iRules, networking, GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
  • Customer focus
  • Projects in big scale landscape